“To whom it May Concern” Track plus (insight)

To whom it may concern by SIXTHEDON http://snd.sc/aifCJu via #soundcloud

Hip hop !…built off competition since the birth of the genre. Some whisper… some drop bombs… some take the “subliminal criminal” route… either way by watching people’s actions I’ve learned to detected the indirect loud and clear.

” To Whom It May  Concern “

The song was recorded at Stush Music Nyc. I remember walking into the session and handing Stush a “Brandy” instrumental produced by Timbaland. [ Come just as you are ] is the name of the joint. The falling strings on the track were mean!! I could care less if it was an R&B track.  As Stush loaded up the track I started thinking where would I take this one? I knew I had issues to address but I didn’t write anything down I wanted it to be raw …non scripted…just what I was thinking at the time. Stush turns to me and says

“so young man…what do  you got for this?”( heavy English accent )

I tell him nothing yet… when I walk into that booth what ever comes out is what we got. we’ll let it run !

this is what I got
” To Whom It May Concern “
A letter to all guilty parties from me

speaking my mind
I couldn’t help but to use the classic B.I.G line .

“You make my name  taste like ass when you speak it”

In True Brooklyn fashion.

Yours truly,

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